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    My name is Luz Garcia, a Chilean yogi and nature lover who has lived across the world for the past 12 years.


    I've devoted my life to sharing techniques to calm the mind, strengthen the body and develop a joyful spirit. I've spent many years in self-study and introspection as a way to heal my own childhood trauma.


    I'm an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher teacher with more than 1500 hours of study certified by the Yoga Alliance.


    I lived in NYC for almost a decade where I had the honor to study with YogaWorks' most knowledgable and inspiring teachers like Matty Ezraty, Jillian Pransky, Jenny Arthur, and Chrissy Carter, among others.


    I teach the YogaWorks method that combines Vinyasa with Iyengar alignment. I'm also a restorative teacher, certified in pre-natal yoga, reflexologist, colon hydrotherapist certified by the Detox Department Of The Yoga Barn in Bali and spiritual counselor upon completion of Gaby Bernstein's Master Class.


    As a committed light worker my mission is to help you let go resistance and fear so you can uncover your greatness.


    When you find the love within yourself there'll be no need to find refuge in toxic relationships, food, alcohol, and drugs. You'll learn to fully love and accept yourself as you are.


    With simple tools like meditation, positive affirmations, visualizations, yoga, prayer and journaling I can guide you to reconnect with the WISDOM that resides inside you.


    All you need is the willingness to let go destructive patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from being your amazing, unique self. Remember: there is NO ONE LIKE YOU!!! Why hide it?


    It's time to welcome bliss into your life...


    When you surrender the ego to the wisdom and guidance of the heart, the miracle of transformation happens.


    All you need is to TRY!!!


    With love,





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