• 7 Day Detox
    Juice Fast Retreat

    Austin, Texas

    June 23-29, 2018

    Detox; the door to Self-Discovery

    The best adventure you’ll ever embark on is the one of Self-Discovery.
    You are a one-of-a-kind, amazing being, yet your mind and the world around you tell you differently.

    Have you stopped THINKING BIG? Given up on your dreams? If this sounds familiar this detox is for YOU!
    My detox retreat in Austin Texas is designed to help you shed useless patterns, and forming positive ones that will lead you to evolve and grow wings.

    Sounds like the miracle you need?


    It’s in your hands to make it happen.
    When you detox your body, your mind and soul follow.
    Releasing toxins on a physical level will bring clarity to your mind and freedom to your spirit.

    I lived this transformative process myself in Bali and since then I’ve been guided to share these tools to help others find what has been holding them back.

    When you give your body the time and space to heal, big shifts happen.
    Are you ready to discover your strength and drive in life?
    Join me this June 23-29, 2018 in Austin Texas.

    Why Juice Fasting?

    If you haven’t noticed, we live in a toxic world.


    Are you ready for one of the most transformative experiences you'll probably ever have?


    My 7 day juice fast is a powerful tool to detox your body from the cellular level and flush toxins that have been building up since you were born.


    Signs of Toxicity:

    Acne, skin issues, allergies

    Sinus congestion

    Constipation, bloating, diarrhea


    Water retention, food cravings

    Puffy, dark circles under the eyes

    Bad breath, body odor

    Low energy and libido

    Fatigue, headaches, migraines

    Joint and muscle pain

    Foggy mind, trouble concentrating

    Weak immune system



    The Results:

    On this 7 day green juice detox retreat you'll give your body the time and the space to heal and regenerate.


    Fasting reduces inflammation, the leading cause of modern illnesses.

    After the fast you'll feel energized, your

    brain will be sharper, you'll lose unwanted pounds. Your skin will glow and you'll feel a gigantic sense of freedom and happiness.


    You'll learn to listen to your body's signs and give the love it deserves.


    I'll have an amazing team of yoga teachers, therapists, life coaches and healers. You'll be guided and supported through each step of the way to uncover the real you!


    Retreat details

    Early bird until March 1st $995!

    After March 1st $1195

    This seven-day detox retreat includes:

    • 75 min Yoga class every morning with Luz
    • Group assistance and guidance during the detox
    • All organic green juices, kombucha shots, and detox teas
    • Enema kit and Detox guidebook
    • 4 group life coaching sessions with Jennifer DeSimone
    • Detox and wellness lectures with Luz and other wellness ambassadors
    • Infrared sauna session
    • Compression and oxygen therapy session
    • Cryotherapy session
    • Music Healing ceremony
    • 2 Restorative yoga classes with Luz
    • Hike on the Austin Green Belt

    • Visit to Zilker natural spring water pool

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